One gram gold immitation jewellery

one gram gold jewellery is also called as gold plated jewellery.This jewellary come with a coating of one gram on it,which makes it look like real gold jewellary.Now a days many people are using one gram gold jewellary.The other reason is that one gram, gold jewellary is available in alot of treditional and modern designs. Gold lovers who cannot financially afford pure gold can opt for this type of jewelry. The other reason is that one gram,gold jewelry is available in a variety of traditional and modern designs. Jewelry makers are offering a wide range of options, including models that cannot be made in pure gold. Also, various gems and stones can also be embedded in them. This is more comfortable than, 22-karat jewelry because 1 gram gold is harder and stronger. It also avoids the financial risks in cases of theft or loss.


most of the girls and womens wear ine gram gold bangles for daily use as they are light,and it is not very costly to buy.There are many styles in bangles.In one gram gold bangles handcraffted,rosse gold bangles,diamonds,stones,matt finishing etc, models are their.

Long harams

Long harams is one off the best model in one gram gold jewellary.Now a days many womens and girls are wer,e long harams for functions and partys.This harams are very light weigh,t and available in low price.In this haram kasulaperu,gold temple etc……are available in market.Now a days small cities are buy pne gram gold harams.Customers very attrached to this haram.cized stones harams are very beautifil for girls.


Earrings are one of the most like thing for girls.Earrings are available in metals,stones,matt finishing and beeds.This ear rings are very, ligfht weight and looking beautiful.The cost of earrings are low and available in local, one gram gold shops very easinly.Earrings are very beautiful for girls.

stones earrings


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