Day: 10 January 2020

A beauty therapist is a specialist in skin and body care, massage and makeup. Beauty therapists are able to plan, apply and market face, body, feet and hand treatments and makeup. Beauty products is the gift of god and transmitted from one to the other generation. Life style is fast changing in the modern .This […]
Designer saris are made of the most luxurious materials, both traditional and modern. These are often painstakingly hand-woven with intricate designs and embellishments. Fabrics like Tussar silk, silk, silk, muslin and are often seen in traditional festive and bridal outfits; however, designer saris frequently use more delicate and beautiful materials like chiffon, , net, velvet, […]
Just so you know, all the beautiful blouse designs above are latest maggam work blouses. Maggam work is one of the most popular and preferred embroidery art forms in the contemporary fashion scenario. Let us take a look at what maggam work.Maggam work for ladies. The needle technique origins from the mocha community who use […]
Whether you’re starting your first job, commencing college or are a 9-5 veteran, it’s hard to know which beauty products you should be spending your hard-earned (and sometimes limited) cash on. So here’s a checklist of ten absolute must-have makeup, skin and hair buys. We know many of our indian girls beauty products yearnings are […]